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Levre 250vs fishes: Japanese people charge into the mysterious tourist spot “Oshino Hakkai”, but the mist mist motoblog


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suddenly became free until about 2 o'clock the next day, so a nice touring destination for the bride If you ask if there is, there is recommended Oshino Hakkai that was done on TV before

What is the name of a sightseeing place like the parent name that has been handed down from generation to generation in the village of Ninja?
I must go!

Double run of Fuji Azami Line and Ashinoko Skyline from Kitsui
The latter is really fun for you again.

It ’s the first time in 16 years ...

<Appearance equipment>
Riders jacket HYOD UCHIMIZU (used)
Helmet OGK IBUKI (used)
Mirror shield
Riding shoes AVIREX YAMATO (used)
Legback AVIREX (Used)
Rider Jeans Workman Pants
Knee guard of the protector RS Taichi inner
Rider glove GOLDWIN mesh glove
GoPro HERO7 (microphone adapter)
Chest mount improved part introduction
iphone7 (+ RAM mount)

<Traces to date>
Car delivery American jamerikan beginner bobber cruiser
Solo touring HONDA 250cc single cylinder REBLE REBLE
Atami Kannonzaki Miura Peninsula Yabitsu Turnpike Hakone Anest Iwata
Nippondaira Parkway Fuji Skyline Makai Ranch Surugawan Ferry
Izu Mixed Bath Izu Skyline Kanaya Onsen Nancy Uncle
World heritage Miho-no-Matsubara Michi Michi Miwa Tritown Test Drive Expressway
Ratu Dam Card Ropeway Card YAEH Long Two
Venus Line Daimon Kaido, Lake Megami Igawa Station, Oigawa Railway Igawa Ohashi
Suspension Bridge Special Natural Monument Antelope Day Camp Apt Ichishiro
Ageo Station Oshino Hakkai Fuji Azami Line

#Reble 250 # Hino Oshino # Fuji Thistle Line

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