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Overseas reaction Shock! Notification of restrictions on sightseeing in Japan! Abnormal signal to the Chinese economy! I'm sorry ... [Aoi Channel]


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"[Overseas reaction] shock! The world is surprised by the Chinese authorities who have restricted and restricted Japan tourism! Foreigners" Chinese is wrong to hit Japan! "" Chinese crisis! " [Reaction of Korean]]

I will introduce the article that was published.

the article is

Quote from

Notifying Chinese authorities and travel agencies restrictions on sightseeing tours to Japan

In the middle of this month, JNN reported that Chinese authorities issued a notice to restrict travel tours to Japan to travel agencies such as Beijing.

According to the officials, the contents of notifications from the authorities differed from region to region, and in the capital, Beijing, there were verbal notifications to some travel agencies in the middle of this month saying “to reduce group trips to Japan” That is.

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