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Welcome to the very first episode of #hijessicaanneinjapan Season 3!

After five trips to Japan, I returned to Tokyo for the SIXTH time-I CLEARLY cannot stay away from the place-for a two week stay during cherry blossom season.Watch to find out what I got up to on my first day back and stay tuned ... there are heaps more daily travel vlogs to come!

ALSO! I wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who watched the first two seasons of my Japan solo travel vlogs-I love your excitement, enthusiasm and absolutely appreciate all of the support, comments and messages you've sent me over the past two years. I hope you love watching and coming along with me on this new series, as much as I did living it!

If you have any questions about traveling to Japan, let me know in the comments below! I'd be happy to answer them and help a traveler (or traveler-to-be!) Out.



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DAY 1 // The First Day Of My Sixth Trip To Japan!

DAY 2 // A Sunday In Tokyo's Sleepy Little Suburb, Ebisu //

DAY 3 // Visiting Tokyo ’s “Little Europe”, Jiyugaoka //

DAY 4 // Designer Brands, Kiddyland & Shopping in Omotesando //

DAY 5 // The “Girl ’s Akihabara”, Otome Street + Pokemon Mega Center Tokyo! //

DAY 6 // Inside The Studio Ghibli Museum + Tokyo Cat Cafe! //

DAY 7 // Taking The Shinkansen To Osaka, Airbnb Tour & Dotonbori! //

DAY 8 // A Rainy Day At Osaka Castle + Trendy Orange Street //

DAY 9 // A Day Trip To Kyoto ’s Fushimi Inari Shrine! //

DAY 10 // My Tokyo Airbnb Apartment Tour! //

DAY 11 // 5 Shops I ALWAYS Go To In Harajuku & Takeshita Street! //

DAY 12 // Thrifting, Cafes & Karaoke In Shimokitazawa, Tokyo! //

DAY 13 // A Day Trip To Tokyo's Coastal Town, Kamakura! //

DAY 14 // HUGE Japan Shopping Haul 2019 + Last Day In Tokyo! //


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I'm Jess, it is lovely to e-meet you! I'm an online content creator and lover of beauty products, working in digital marketing in Melbourne, Australia.

When I'm not vlogging, you can find me planning my next trip to Tokyo, wandering around with lipstick swatches all across my arms, and liking your photos on Instagram.

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