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Umasashi Tashino Tominosato (Japanese Cultural Experience)


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This is a sightseeing PR video that introduces you to “see, eat and experience” in Tomisato City. The video has 4 fields: "Japanese culture experience", "Natural experience", "Agricultural experience", and "Food", each finished in a 1-minute CM format.
The Japanese Cultural Experience section introduces the former Iwasaki family's Suehiro villa and a guardian with the motif of the special product watermelon.
For the production of videos, a concept round-table discussion was held with open citizens, tourism associations, JA Tomisato City, Citizen Activity Support Center, and activities groups related to tourism resources, with the concept that citizens themselves would be involved in tourism promotion. It is a video that makes use of the ideas brought by you. In addition, citizens including Tomisato High School students have appeared.

This project was implemented as a “community subsidy program” that uses the revenue of the lottery commissioned business as a financial resource as a social contribution publicity project for the lottery.

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