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Why Japanese Is Both the Hardest and Easiest Language to Learn


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Japanese is often considered one of the world's hardest languages ​​to learn from the perspective of an English native speaker.But in this video, I'd like to share a different perspective with you that explores how Japanese could be considered as one of the easiest languages to learn instead.

Japanese is viewed as one of the world's hardest languages ​​to learn because of its grammar, pitch accent, and kanji characters, yet there is one thing that it does possess that not many other languages ​​have.And that is content.The importance of content is fundamental to success in language learning, and Japanese has tons and tons of native materials that you can read and listen to for multiple hours every day.

The problem lies in that Japanese language learners focus far too much on learning and reviewing only grammar, pitch accent, and kanji.In order to make Japanese the easiest language to learn, however, we have to change what it means to learn a language. This is why I say Japanese is both the hardest language and easiest language to learn.Watch to find out how we can change what it means to learn a language!


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