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Kudan Institute of Japanese Language is one of the Japanese language schools where multinational students are enrolled in Japan. The Kudan Institute of Japanese Language was originally a school that had students from only one or two countries in Asia. However, we have been focusing on recruiting students with the aim of creating an international school so that students can study their life abroad more meaningfully, together with many ideas and international senses. As a result of controlling so that the nationality of one country does not exceed 25%, it is now an international school where students from 30 to 40 countries study Japanese together at any time. I would like to continue to grow according to the student's learning environment and the needs of the times. In addition to learning Japanese, I want to increase the number of Japanese parents in the world through opportunities to learn about Japanese culture and history that can only be experienced in Japan. We are also trying to run a school that aims to provide international exchange opportunities for students from all over the world. You can study from 2 weeks to 2 years with various course settings. Course curriculum (admission / joining Japanese course, hiragana / katakana course, daily Japanese conversation course, holiday course, Japanese language proficiency test, Japanese teacher dispatch course, private lesson so that students can choose their study time according to their wishes ) We actively accept high school and university students depending on the season. Learning in the classroom is not just learning Japanese. In order to improve your Japanese language skills and learn more about Japan, we will introduce you to staying at homestay. Currently, more than 350 families are registered as host families. Upon request, we will meet you at Narita Airport and Haneda Airport after arrival in Japan. Our school has many experienced teachers who have been teaching Japanese for many years. Our school has English and Korean-speaking staff, so you can always provide appropriate and friendly counseling during your stay in Japan. Actively conduct extracurricular activities and see Japanese culture and attractions with your own eyes. We have an opportunity to feel it. It is difficult to make Japanese friends of the same age in studying abroad. This school offers the opportunity to make Japanese friends while studying with the cooperation of general volunteers, universities, and high schools. Since our school has students from about 35 countries, there are many opportunities to learn about not only Japanese language and Japan but also various countries, and it is a place to deepen international exchange. This school is an accredited school of the Japanese Language Education Promotion Association. Can help you get a student visa

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