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5 Useful phrases at Convenience Store-GaijinPot Study # 1 | Japanese language lesson


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Today ’s topic is “Convenience Store”.
At a Japanese convenience store,
You need answer a lot of Questions.
1. Do you want this heated?
   Would you like to warm up here?
   [Koshira Atatamemasuka?]
Yes, please.
   Yes, please.
   [Hai, Onegaishimasu.]
No, thanks.
   It's okay.
2. Do you want chopsticks?
   Is the chopsticks good?
   [Ohashiwa Goiriyoudesuka?]
Yes, 2 chopsticks, please.
   Yes, two of you.
   [Hai, Hutatsuonegaishimasu.]
3. Do you want your items in separate bags?
   Would you like to put it in another bag?
   [Betsuno hukuroni Oireshimasyouka?]
Yes, thanks.
   Yes, thank you.
   [Hai, Arigatougozaimasu.]
4. Do you have a point card?
   Do you have a point card?
   [Pointokaadowa Omochidesuka?]
Yes, I do.
   Yes, I have it.
   [Hai, Mottemasu.]
No, I do n’t.
5. Are you paying with 10,000 yen?
   Are you sure you want to start from Ichiman?
   [Ichimanenkarade Yoroshiidesuka?]
Are these questions complicated for you.
But you can answer
“Yes”, or “No” in Japanese.
   It's okay.
“Iie” is so strong or rude
so Japanese can use “Daijyoubudesu”.
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