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"Must see! What is the reason why Southeast Asians travel to Japan? Useful tips for attracting foreign tourists (inbound) tomorrow!


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#Southeast Asia # Foreigners visiting Japan # What is Japan?

"Must see! What is the reason why Southeast Asians travel to Japan? Useful tips for attracting foreign tourists (inbound) tomorrow!

① Indonesia (Muslim)
② Cambodia

#Foreign tourists to Japan 2019 #Japan tourism 2019

* Moderator
Yuta Ishikawa (Representative of One Step Co., Ltd., Director of TOKYO GLOBAL LAB)

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《Inquiries about international students》
One Step Co., Ltd. Representative: Yudai Ishikawa

The word “inbound” has attracted attention from the world, and the number of companies and local governments that are conscious of attracting inbound customers has been increased.
Ask foreigners about foreigners! Based on this concept, what do foreigners think of Japan now for foreign students living in Japan? And how can I get them to come to Japan? How can I get Japanese items to be bought? How do you collect information? I was asked to answer all the concerns!
For those who are committed to inbound, this is a must-see video!

Appearance: One Step International Student Supporters

Planning: TOKYO GLOBAL LAB (One Step Co., Ltd.)

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"What's up TOKYO!"
《URL of each site》
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Chair: Yudai Ishikawa, Representative
《Representative introduction》
Born in Kawanoe City, Ehime Prefecture (now Shikoku Chuo City) in 1980
After graduating from Meiji University, engaged in the management of entertainment, professional baseball players, and major leaguers.
What I particularly felt was that even those who were active as top-class human resources in Japan faced a situation where they could not demonstrate their original power at all due to differences in language and culture when they went abroad. there is. I remember feeling strongly when I met a foreign student living in Japan. These children can be more active if they can produce the power they have! I felt strongly. With that in mind, we have now established a company that manages foreign students.
Through the creation of an environment and human resource management that can maximize the potential and attractiveness of talented human resources around the world, with our vision of “Power of the world as power of Japan. Power of Japan as power of the world” We will continue to solve the world's challenges.

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