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Suddenly at a tourist destination in Turkey! “He caught a hand from the Japanese! Catch me!” Uncle Macho responded and [story of foreigners]


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Suddenly at a tourist spot in Turkey! “He got a handshake from the Japanese! Catch me!” The macho uncles responded and talked about [a foreigner's story]
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⇨ An American who hates Japan and was taken by a foreigner who loves Japan. “Japan and food and sake are also fucking!” ⇒If you eat the whole dish of a rustic rice bowl, it ’s a foreigner ’s impression.

An American woman and a former soldier suddenly! I decided to stay overnight. And overwhelming days have started, [Foreigner's soothing story]

I helped a blonde foreign woman whose behavior was suspicious on a train. When I became friends and forgiven my heart, I found out her turbulent past. The moment of accepting everything and being happy, tears [a story that impresses foreigners]

A Russian woman who married a Japanese. Classmates are amazed when they attend an alumni association in their homeland for the first time in decades! “Everyone was a WW but I was a Barbie doll.”

Foreigner “soul has trembled!” Suddenly crying when taking a black student to his parents' home! There was a deep reason for the whole family crying. [The story that impresses foreigners]

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