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Turkish beauty! SUPPON, 鮑, matsutake! Savor the Japanese cuisine of Mikiba, a kaiseki chef! Japanese foods in Ginza!


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First counter 鮨! A Latvian lucky boy who won 1 million yen was impressed by the trap! Sushi in Ginza

Is Korea different from Japan? An exchange student residing in Seoul and a Japanese beef shabu-shabu kaiseki! / Wagyu Shabu-Shabu in Tokyo

Marbled Japanese beef sukiyaki, Italian newlyweds and Asakusa lunch! / Sukiyaki, Wagyu in Japan

Hida beef in Ginza! Russian JK and Peruvian soccer player are impressed by shabu-shabu! / Trying Wagyu Shabu Shabu, Japanese Hot Pot

Cheers with ramune! An Italian college student eats a Japanese set lunch at Asakusa. / Italian students ate japanese typical lunch set menu

Danish girls enjoy Japanese sake with a pinch of Japanese beef! Danish girls had Japanese beef with Sake

100m above the ground, French in the sky! Italian newlyweds have lunch in Shibuya! French in Shibuya

A foreign couple acclaimed Japanese vegetarian food in Shibuya! / Japanese vegetarian food in Shibuya

Supreme Kobe beef, furnace kiln steak! Very satisfied with the taste of genuine technology and materials! / Great Kobe Beef in Ginza!

Lunch with Germans at a luxury counter sushi restaurant in Ginza / High end Sushi in Ginza

Unaju! German students enjoyed eel in Asakusa

Visit Japan on wedding anniversary! American couple enjoy fried skewers

Mexican girls enjoy Shibuya's exquisite soba course! / Soba in Shibuya

A group of three students from Texas eat seafood bowls in Asakusa! / Seafood bowl in Tokyo!

Matsusaka beef, the strongest Wagyu shabu-shabu, the Germans are thrilled! Matsusaka Beef, best Wagyu in Japan!

Roasted! Foreign couples enjoy high-quality fish, prawns, and Japanese beef! Robatayaki in Tokyo!

Visit Japan for a honeymoon! Newlyweds eat Asakusa seafood bowl! / Seafood bowl in Asakusa!

Eriashi Lisa is impressed by the luxury of Shibuya No. 1 Aizawa! / Best Sushi in Shibuya!

Eat an exquisite okonomiyaki of Swiss, German female college students and Asakusa! / Okonomiyaki in Asakusa!

Sashimi, Sake, Grilled fish in Izakaya, Tokyo

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