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Waku Waku Japanese-Language Lesson 33: Lazy Japanese


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Have you ever wondered if there are expressions for laziness in Japanese? In this lesson of Waku Waku Japanese, Erin introduces some Japanese expressions that can be used in an office setting or group setting referring to "that" person who's been particularly lazy or unproductive.

I'm bored-Tsumaranai
Boring / clogging

I'm lazy-Mendokusai
Troublesome / troublesome

I don't want to do it-Yaritakunai
I don't want to do / I don't want to perform

I'm not interested-Kyoumi ga nai
I don't have any interest

I'm tired-Tsukareta
Tired / tired

I'm sleepy-Nemutai
I want to sleep / I want to sleep

I'm hungry-Onaka ga suita
I am hungry / I am hungry

I have no will power-Yarukiganai
There is no motivation / no motivation

I can't take this anymore-mou muri
It ’s already impossible.

I give up-Akirameru
Give up / give up

No sloppy / no sloppy

Michelle is slothful-Mishierusan wa darashiganai desu
Michelle is sloppy / Michelle is sloppy

Loose and inefficient-Guzuguzu

Do not-Shinai
do not do

Please / please

So next time when your friend isn't doing any work, you can try out these phrases!


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Jikai mo tanoshimi ni, mata ne!

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