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Japanese Language Lesson 19-Te-form: Te Kudasai


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This lesson covers sentence pattern "te-kudasai." It is a way to say the magic word "please" in Japanese using te-form.Please stay tuned for future lessons on the many usages of te-form!


Please Listen:
to listen (regular I verb)

Please listen to this CD. / Kono CD o kiitekudasai.
Please listen to this CD.

Please Read:
to read (regular I verb)

Please read this book / Kono Nihon no hon o yondekudasai.
Please read this Japanese book.

Please Watch:
to see (regular II verb)

Please look at this interesting story / Kono omoshiroi eiga o mitekudasai.
Please watch this interesting movie.

Please Deliver:
to deliver (regular II verb)

Keep this package / Kono pakkeeji o todoketekudasai.
Please deliver this package.

Please Come:
to come (irregular verb)

Please come to tomorrow / Ashita niji ni kitekudasai.
Please come at two o'clock tomorrow.


Stay tuned for future lessons on the Te-form and more!

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