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Japanese Culture Kamishibai, Go Beyond Japan for World Peace: IKKYU at TEDxYouth @ Kyoto 2013


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Japanese Culture Kamishibai, Go Beyond Japan for World Peace: IKKYU
Picture-story show Peace across the world beyond Japan: Ikkyu

Born and raised in Kyoto, IKKYU is a student at Kyoto University of Foreign Studies.She recently received first prize in ʺA Pair Presentation Contest on Japanese Cultureʺ sponsored by Kyoto University of Foreign Studies, presenting on the art of Kamishibai (Japanese Storytelling). by the Kamishibai style, she began studying the craft to become a Japanese storyteller, joining the Kamishibai group ʺYassan Ichizaʺ. With the seniors.In the future she hopes to travel to different countries to share the joy and art of Kamishibai.

Born in Kyoto. Currently studying at Kyoto University of Foreign Studies. Performed a picture-story show at the 6th Morita Cup / English Daily Cup “Japanese Culture Presentation Contest Paired” with the participation of university students from all over Japan and won the championship. Since then, he has been fascinated by the world of picture-story shows that bring out the energy of the viewers, and is currently studying to become a first-class picture-story showman at the “Yassin Izaza”, where more than 50 disciples gather together with student work. On the 2nd, 12th, 22nd, and 23rd of every month, she has a speech at Kiyomizu-dera with her brothers and sisters, but is struggling to attract the audience. My dream is big. Travel around the world with picture-story shows and fill the world with smiles.

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