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Gordon Ramsay Struggles to Make Sushi-Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay is under pressure as he attempts to make perfect sushi in an award winning Japanese restaurant in London's west end.From Cookalong Live. Views:1258124873 High evaluation: 10778 Low rating: 153 Post date:2009-11-13 15:07:53 VideoID:FmF1OHjJ_kM 出典:YouTube

Japanese NABE Street Food Soup Experience in Tokyo

Nabe nabe nabe nabe in Hibiya Park! Nabe is a very delicious soup named after the big pot where loads of vegetables, often meat or seafood, mixed with a delicious brooth with miso, soy or another meat to make the healthiest winter street food in Japan and a MUST TRY! Where is this? URL: Views:1574493463 High evaluation: 1727 Low rating: 33 Post date:2019-11-23 07:17:43 VideoID:fErKxgmREgY 出典:YouTube

Hiroshima Street Food Guide (on Miyajima Island) ★ ONLY in JAPAN

I hope you're hungry because we're about to go on a street food eating binge on Hiroshima's amazing island, Miyajima.It's a street food paradise and in this episode we're going to attack the following foods: ★ Hiroshima Oysters -Grilled (yaki gaki) 400 yen ($ 4) -Deep fried (kaki furai) 300 yen ($ 3) ★ Deep fried Momiji Cake filled w / Custard / Fried maple 180 yen ($ 1.80) ★ Miyajima Nigiri, white fishcakes with Bacon and Asparagus / Miyajima Nigiriten 300 yen ($ 3) ★ Conger Eel ANAGO steamed bun or Anagoman / Anagoman 450 yen ($ 4.50) ★ ...

Japanese Culture and Business Etiquette

An in-depth look at Japanese culture and how it relates to international business. Views:1425981806 High evaluation: 153 Low rating: 26 Post date:2015-03-10 10:03:26 VideoID:0LHrcv9Hmpg 出典:YouTube

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