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[4K 3分金沢観光!] Sightseeing in Higashi Chayamachi, Kanazawa, Japan in 2016

Take the Hokuriku Shinkansen to Kanazawa Recorded in Kanazawa and Higashi Chaya-cho for less than 3 minutes! The beginning also includes the Hokuriku Shinkansen crossing `` Ueda Harp Bridge ''! Please have a little trip feeling. Shooting year: January 2016 Higashi Chayamachi, Kanazawa, Japan [日本 金沢 ひがし茶屋町] #Sightseeing #Kanazawa #sightseeing #kanazawa #Japan Views:1548414001 High evaluation: 0 Low rating: 0 Post date:2019-01-25 11:00:01 VideoID:BBR9xDgaglg 出典:YouTube

Japan Travel Video 2013

Showing Nana Japan Views:1580810781 High evaluation: 0 Low rating: 0 Post date:2020-02-04 10:06:21 VideoID:TWAYfkkY020 出典:YouTube

TONKATSU GINZA BAIRIN Video, Waikiki Beach, Japanese Food-Travel-Hawaii

Our favorite Tonkatsu on the island! Cute little Japanese restaurant.I would go for the perfect pork Katsu..not sushi 😉 Great sides of miso soup, salad, pickles, rice and side sauces.Best on the island, even to go! Views:1468231702 High evaluation: 14 Low rating: 0 Post date:2016-07-11 10:08:22 VideoID:o2fNVmpfMic 出典:YouTube


Hi everyone, today I thought I would bring you along with me on a bit of a street food and Japanese food day. Hope you enjoy the video! Thanks for watching L x Views:1565070143 High evaluation: 16 Low rating: 1 Post date:2019-08-06 05:42:23 VideoID:mbvS3JknD9o 出典:YouTube

Adventure to the Wind Cave: Kawachi No Fuketsu Kawachi Fukatsu-Sightseeing in Shiga Shiga, Japan Japan

This video is about another Japanimals adventure to Kawachi No Fuketsu Kawachi Fukatsu, also known as the wind cave.This cave is located in Kansai, Shiga, Japan and is an awesome sightseeing location. Do n’t forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE! ———————————————————————————— ———————————————————————————— Also, Check out my: Instagram: TheShanaLeigh Twitter: TheShanaLeigh Snapchat: TheShanaLeigh Facebook: Facebook.com/Theshanaleigh ———————————————————————————— ———————————————————————————— Japanimals Merch !!!! ———————————————————————————— ———————————————————————————— Follow the official Japanimals Crew Yuichi: Mayuko (Instagram) @mayuukooooooo Junpei: (sorry, no social media) ———————————————————————————— ———————————————————————————— CODES FOR FREE MONEY, essentially ... AirBNB Code: Uber Code: Lyft Code: ———————————————————————————— ———————————————————————————— Song Credit: #Japan #Sightseeing #travel Views:1535030678 High evaluation: 6 Low ...


Nakaka-miss ang Japan.Ang sarap bumalik para mag-food trip at mag tour sa mga Temple, Shrine and Park! Views:1569767194 High evaluation: 10688 Low rating: 80 Post date:2019-09-29 14:26:34 VideoID:tJrguDwLYc0 出典:YouTube

I don't hate what I hate, but sales increase! Destruction of Japanese culture [Clinical treatment system management]

Click here for the 4th briefing session of the Clinic school ↓ 🔶Repeat increases from 2 times to 4 times! 18 Months of Clinic Newsletter Gift 🔶Click here to register for “Clinic Management System Management” Views:1498010585 High evaluation: 3 Low rating: 0 Post date:2017-06-21 02:03:05 VideoID:WonywpkM9DM 出典:YouTube

Japan trip vol.2

random clip. 1080p for better quality! Music: 1.Home-Bruno Major: 2.Sunday best-Surfaces: 3.i’m sorry (feat shiloh): social media: • soundcloud • instagram @raissanggiani Views:1579151584 High evaluation: 20 Low rating: 0 Post date:2020-01-16 05:13:04 VideoID:TQ_JeuwkEWU 出典:YouTube

Fuji seen from the Shinkansen JAPAN travel Mt. Fuji seen from the Shinkansen

This video is a video of Mt. Fuji seen from the Shinkansen running from Nagoya to Tokyo. Take a look at the beautiful scenery of Mt. Fuji as you ride on the Shinkansen Nozomi. This is my first video. I want foreigners to have fun watching it. In winter, Mt. Fuji is beautifully covered with snow. It is a superb view that can only be seen this season. Even if you can get on the bullet train, you can not see the outside unless you sit by the window called row E, and you can not see it unless the ...

Singapore & Japan 2020 || TRAVEL FILM

My boyfriend and I went to Singapore and Japan 1/1 / 20-15 / 1/20. Relive our journey. I do not own the music in this video. Views:1579239488 High evaluation: 5 Low rating: 0 Post date:2020-01-17 05:38:08 VideoID:O3skoSG9hik 出典:YouTube

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