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Japan Travel-Japanese Fine Dining at Umenomitsu Ume no Mitsu

A great dining experience at The Bistro Umenomitsu Ume no Mitsu, Minakami, Japan.Private outdoor onsen before dinner; great food with 9 courses; delicious bakery to take home; beautiful mountain view.The owner, Noriko, is friendly and speaks fluent English. (Booking is requried; tel: 0278-72-4573) Music: "In the Morning Light" by Yanni To learn more about other Japan destinations, visit: Views:1391488760 High evaluation: 6 Low rating: 0 Post date:2014-02-04 04:39:20 VideoID:lCxIh73MkC4 出典:YouTube


# rainbowlinemikata # japanfivelakesview The beautiful scenery of five distinctive lakes Rainbow🌈 line mountain peak park, The mikata goko (mikata five lakes) are the famous sightseeing spot in wakasa bay QUasi national park in fukui prefecture. The name of five lake #LAKE MIKATA #LAKE SUIGETSU #LAKE SUGAKO #LAKE KUGUSHIKO #LAKE HIRUGA Please like & subscribe my YouTube channel mako chi vlog😍 Views:1568941646 High evaluation: 24 Low rating: 0 Post date:2019-09-20 01:07:26 VideoID:YJNFVRn_7G4 出典:YouTube

Travel Japan: Visit Asakusa & Our Fortune

*** READ ME *** (HD AVAILABLE) Hi everyone, Japan have many shrines and temple! One of the popular temple to visit is the Sensoji Temple !! After you exit the Asakusa Station, the walk to the main gate, Kaminarimon, is just a few minutes away.You can also follow the crowds. Hahahha! Of course there are many shopping to do in the Nakamise Dori, but prices from the shops varies.Personally, I find the prices of the same item to be cheaper at the beginning of the street.At the end of the video, I mentioned about the cutlet !! I included a ...

Japan Experience-Travel Angels in Tokyo and in Kyoto

Who are the "Travel Angels" of Japan Experience? When you rent a house with Japan Experience in Tokyo or Kyoto, the Travel Angels will be there to welcome you. There to greet you upon your arrival, they are available to assist you for the entirety of your stay. Bilingual and ready to help, with their excellent knowledge of Japan, they will be your best friend while you're on the archipelago of Japan! The Travel Angels can also organise activities for you during your stay: To rent a house in Japan: Written and directed by Alexander Cristol ( Views:1405933685 High evaluation: ...

Gujo Hachiman Gifu Japan Gujyo Hachiman Gifu Japan Four Seasons Scenery Scenary of Japan [HD]

Gujo Hachiman is said to be a clear stream and a famous castle town, and beautiful water flows throughout the town. Above all, Munekazu is a spring water that became famous because it was designated as the first of the "100 Best Waters in Japan". There are also many sightseeing spots such as the "Yanakasumi Komichi" that is often introduced in photographs, the "Igawa Komichi" where Nishikigoi swims, the historic townscape and Gujo Hachiman Castle. Gujyo Hachiman is located in Gifu Prefecture and is near from Shirakawa-go the world heritage. It is famous for clean water wells up many portions ...

Let's see if you can enjoy Karuizawa without any plans.

▶ ️Playlist: ● Our Channels Tori & Izumi: Tori's House: Torichyanchannel: ● Our SNS Viktoriia Instagram: Izumi's instagram: Twitter: #ToriandIzumi #NoPlanTravel Views:1578746701 High evaluation: 2359 Low rating: 23 Post date:2020-01-11 12:45:01 VideoID:bDMxmnn-qcw 出典:YouTube

Japan Travel Guide | Japan Unrivalled with Contiki

A country of stark contrast, where deep-rooted and ancient traditions combine with futuristic, ultra-modern technology, topped with a hint of crazy weird. This is Japan. Explore Japan with Contiki: At Contiki we exist to connect young people to the time of their lives-with trips for 18-35 year old through Europe, North America, Latin America, Australia, Asia & New Zealand.You only have one life, one shot, so make it count #NOREGRETS STAY CONNECTED: Views:1431465148 High evaluation: 381 Low rating: 1 Post date:2015-05-12 21:12:28 VideoID:lugGk2ntbpQ 出典:YouTube

Travel Across Japan Solo GoPro

1 Month traveling Japan alone, discovering the beauty and excitement this incredible country has to offer! This was my second time visiting Japan but first time completely by myself and outside of Tokyo.I was so thankful to meet new friends there. I visited Kyoto, Shirakawa, Osaka, Kawazu (Shizuoka), Nara and of course many parts of Tokyo.This trip changed my life and helped me a lot with my anxiety.It was a huge awakening for me and I hope to inspire anyone, especially women, to travel to Japan-both with friends and by yourself.There is endless discovery around every corner! Check out my ...

[HD] Wakayama Prefecture Nanki Shirahama Shirahama and coastal scenery

· Click here for detailed information and map of Nanki Shirahama ↓ Below is a playlist (19 videos) that allows you to watch the finest beaches in Japan in HD quality! Nanki Shirahama is a large hot spring resort located in the southwestern part of Wakayama Prefecture. This is a hot spring area full of highlights such as Engetsu Island, which has a hole like a full moon, `` Santan Wall '' where you can enjoy the powerful cliff beauty, `` Senjojiki '' where the rock surface is exposed, and `` Shirarahama '', a beautiful white sand beach. ! Nanki ...

Sakura Tries Japanese Foods-Episode 1 (Doritos)

I've been meaning to post this video for a while now.Sorry.I've just been enjoying life in Japan * kitten smile * .But yeah ... this is basically a video of some weird black dude eating Doritos from Japan ............. Enjoy! 🙂 Please be sure to subscribe to the official IES Abroad Youtube Channel where I will be posting a lot of my blogs regarding to life in Japan: And be sure to follow me on these: Twitter: @SakuraSakkyoku Instagram: @SakuraSakkyokuka Views:1404064299 High evaluation: 237 Low rating: 1 Post date:2014-06-29 17:51:39 VideoID:lgsIM6HWg5k 出典:YouTube

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