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Wagyu Beef Sushi & Epic Street Food Tour in Kyoto Japan

Nishiki Market is the biggest open-air market in Kyoto Japan.With over 400 years of history, it's also one of the oldest.On today's video, we're trying out a variety of street food, including Wagyu beef sushi and jumbo shrimp tempura on skewers. Views:1580266805 High evaluation: 267 Low rating: 3 Post date:2020-01-29 03:00:05 VideoID:p0kZVDUuz9I 出典:YouTube

All You Can Eat JAPANESE STEAK BUFFET With Amber Liu

A special guest who's a Kpop star, Amber Liu from f (x) joined me to eat at an all you can eat #japanese steak #buffet in LA. way through some amazing a5 #wagyu beef I asked Amber all about the Kpop world so I hope you enjoy and get to know about how to become a Kpop star! 🙂 Location: ✧ Shinobu Japanese BBQ 15202 Goldenwest St, Westminster, CA 92683 IG: ajol_llama Check out Amber's Tour X tickets: ★ Check out my Twitch: *** MORE EXCLUSIVE Content on Instagram *** ✩ ➔ Get tickets to the best show on earth ...

My Favorite Japanese Food-Based on Ido & # 39; s Experience

In this video, Ido-san talks about his favorite food in Japan. Jingle Creator-Verik Instagram: @___verik Views:1578906510 High evaluation: 3 Low rating: 0 Post date:2020-01-13 09:08:30 VideoID:kkPx6I3nZDM 出典:YouTube

Japanese NABE Street Food Soup Experience in Tokyo

Nabe nabe nabe nabe in Hibiya Park! Nabe is a very delicious soup named after the big pot where loads of vegetables, often meat or seafood, mixed with a delicious brooth with miso, soy or another meat to make the healthiest winter street food in Japan and a MUST TRY! Where is this? URL: Views:1574493463 High evaluation: 1727 Low rating: 33 Post date:2019-11-23 07:17:43 VideoID:fErKxgmREgY 出典:YouTube

Japanese Food - WAGYU A5 BEEF Grilled Steak Tokyo Japan

Views:1557666188 High evaluation: 9815 Low rating: 1719 Post date:2019-05-12 13:03:08 VideoID:hKeJ4QVRae0 出典:YouTube

Japan Guide: Do you know WAGYU?-What WAGYU is: Japan Travel Guide

Japan Guide: Do you know WAGYU?-What WAGYU is: Japan Travel Guide I share information about WAGYU, Japanese Beef. It ’s not only Kobe beef !!! Welcome to Experience Japan with YUKA. I show you real Japan.Here is the right place for you if you want to know about Japan and plan to travel or trip to Japan! In this video, I share information about WAGYU, Japanese beef. Many people think Kobe beef is Wagyu. And it ’s true. But there are many other different Wagyu beef, Wagyu brand in Japan. And Kobe beef is NOT even No.1 Wagyu !!! Japan ...

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