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Nanking Machi Kobe Lion Dance Jan 26 2020

Jan 26, 2020 I just happened to be in Motomachi when I heard loud music coming from Nankin Machi.I had my GoPro and started recording the Lion Dance. This channel will talk about life in Japan.It will also show you how to do things in Japan. Bingo 5, how to buy a train ticket in Japan, how to live in Japan, how to play Japanese lottery, Japan Lotto, Japan scratch lotto Japan sightseeing, Japan travel guide, JAPAN, Japanese banking, Japanese culture, Japanese daily life, Japanese driver's license, Japanese language, Japanese, Japanican, life in Japan, living in Japan, lottery, takarakuji, things ...

Western Union in Japan-MY BAD EXPERIENCE!

Jan 5. 2020 My bad experience started yesterday when I arrived in Sannomiya at Travelex that offers Western Union service.The lady there told me that the system network was down and that I could not get any money at that location.She suggested to go to other locations two in Osaka and one in Kakogawa which is about 40kms from Sannomiya.I had rode my motorbike there and it was a nice day so I went to the one in Kakogaawa.When I arrived in Kakogawa, I used Google maps to find the Western union office but could not find it.I finally found ...

YUZU KOSHO / Yuzu pepper-Japanese food [ASMR COOKING SOUND]

#ASMR, #relax, #yuzukosho Today, I'm going to make "YUZU KOSHO". "YUZU KOSHO" is a condiment paste made from yuzu peel, chilli peppers and some salt and is a rough paste with a citrus flavor.It is often used with Japanese hot pot, such as “Motsu nabe” and ”Mizutaki” in winter. I wanna express the Japanese aesthetic senses through my youtube video. Please subscribe to my channel! # Instagram - Views:1578160811 High evaluation: 7 Low rating: 0 Post date:2020-01-04 18:00:11 VideoID:sSC-YD80mME 出典:YouTube

10 Pokémon based on Japanese Culture-BulbaTube

Pokemon ideas have to come from somewhere, so why not their place of origin? JJ's channel Views:1443098487 High evaluation: 578 Low rating: 27 Post date:2015-09-24 12:41:27 VideoID:1eLzhqfVYgc 出典:YouTube

Japan Travel: Sennichimae Doguyasuji, Osaka Japan (Japan Travel Guide)

Travel Japan: Osaka: Sennichimae Doguyasuji Shopping Arcade (Japan Travel Guide) Here are the details: (will launch soon…) Welcome to Experience Japan with YUKA. I show you real Japan.Here is the right place for you if you want to know about Japan or plan to travel to Japan! At Doguyasuji, I stopped at Ichimonji Chuki, which is selling high quality Japanese knives and more.They said that they could interact with customers from overseas in English.Also, I tried to make plastic food of sushi at Design Pocket. !! 0:58 – Conversation with the staff at Ichimonnji Chuki 2:39 – Making Plastic Food ...

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