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Let & # 39; s keep a diary [Basic Japanese Language Lesson # 29]

This video is about how to write diary in Japanese.I want you to keep a diary in Japanese.If you wrote in this comment field, someone would respond to your diary. In this series of Basic Japanese Language lesson, I'll teach you Japanese basic vocabularies and Japanese grammar.This will help you to pass the JLPT. [... is ...] [Level] beginner, basic, intermediate [Subtitle / CC] [Playlist: Basic Japanese Language Lesson] Views:1427304460 High evaluation: 45 Low rating: 0 Post date:2015-03-25 17:27:40 VideoID:smTWDqlv864 出典:YouTube

Basic Japanese Language Lesson # 14 [Present Tense]

This video is about how to make present tense sentences of Verbs, Nouns and Adjectives in Japanese (polite form). Verbs: ~ / No. Nouns / Na-adjectives: is / is not (not) Adjectives: ~ / No / No (No) [Subtitle] English, Japanese subtitles [Level] for beginner, basic, easy [Playlist: Basic Japanese Language Lesson] Views:1413980952 High evaluation: 13 Low rating: 0 Post date:2014-10-22 12:29:12 VideoID:4DFLX40CvGI 出典:YouTube

Basic Japanese language lesson # 2 [Japanese Verbs: Ride, Swim, Run]

In this movie, I'll teach you Japanese basic verbs: Ride (ride / board) (Swim), run (run) mainly for Japanese beginner.  These verbs in Japanese language is basic, whose level is JLPT N5.If you watch and repeat after me many times, you would understand these verbs and particles which are used along with these verbs.And, there are many words which is written in Kanji (Chinese characters), so you could remember Kanji, too. 1. Ride: ride / board / get on / get into ⇒ ride / do not ride ★ (vehicle) get on 2. Swim (Swim) swim ⇒Swim / Not swim ...

Basic Japanese Language Lesson # 5 [Japanese Verb Tense: Past, Present, Future]

This movie is about basic Japanese verbs tenses: the present tense, the past tense and the future tense. In Japanese language, the future tense is the same as the present tense such as ran On the contrary, the past tense is different such as Words which indicates future or present helps us to distinguish the present events from the future events. Tomorrow tomorrow, tomorrow tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, next week, next week, next week, the week after next, next month, next month, next month Sarai) ~ the month after next, next year ~ next year, next year ~ the ...

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