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Japanese Colored Calligraphy (iromoji) -What is the hand for? (Traditional Japanese culture ,, calligraphy, color characters)

Please subscribe Subscribe → KARAKURIJAPAN official site → Instagram → Twitter → facebook → Japanese Colored Calligraphy (iromoji) -What is the hand for? (Traditional Japanese culture, Japanese traditional culture, calligraphy, color characters) Hello. Hello, everyone. I'm Nishimoto, a color character teacher. I ’m an instructor of iro­moji (colored calligraphy), Nishimoto. This time, I wrote "What is my hand? What is my hand?" At this time, I wrote “What is the hand for? What does the hand do?”. I usually design in a place called "Gutara Bocchi" I ’m working as a designer at Gutarabotchi, There is a painting girl named ...

Kyoto in 36hrs • Japan travel diary • e3

Travel with us through Kyoto on this guided tour! Dont miss out on these tips and key locations! From the Arashiyama bamboo groves to an idyllic Sagano scenic train ride our Kyoto trip was peppered with All kinds of colors. Finishing off our first massive day with a bike ride to the Golden pavilion.An early rise on day two meant we could explore Fushimi Inari Trisha shrine without the crowds before we head off to Tokyo. Music by: Inukshuk- Argsound- Gorilla beats- Kyoto in 36hrs • Japan travel diary • TOO MUCH JOY e3 Views:1545811066 High evaluation: 67 Low rating: ...

Gay Travel Japan-Kyoto (Part 1/2)

MAGNET TOURS FACEBOOK Magnet Tours gave its full cooperation in the making of BUMP! 'S 100th Episode in Kyoto. ----- Tune in to LOGO TV Weds., August 3rd at 7PM (EST) for an episode of Bump! Featuring exotic Kyoto, Japan and your friends at Magnet Tours.Bump! Is the world's most popular LGBT travel and lifestyle television series, airing on LOGO in the US and Out-TV in Canada. Views:1312792760 High evaluation: 165 Low rating: 16 Post date:2011-08-08 08:39:20 VideoID:BMnmItec1XE 出典:YouTube

Kyoto shopping streets, Sannenzaka, Ninenzaka, Kiyomizuzaka, Japan travel video

In Kyoto, Japan, we're going shopping on the lanes near two major temples, Kiyomizu-dera and Ginkaku-ji.There are some small shops inside the temple but the main action for shopping is outside on the pedestrian lane leading up to the temple as you find typically throughout Japan.A main temple has a shopping street leading to it, something like the inevitable gift shop at the exit of the museum. Ceramics are one of the very popular items for sale here and they are made not only in Japan but a lot of it is made right in the Kyoto area, it's a ...

Sightseeing in Kyoto, Japan

Camera: CANON iVIS HF M43 0:00 Hamaguri-Gomon Gate 0:27 Kyoto Gyoen National Garden 2:25 Demachi-futaba, Mochi & Dango 3:25 Honman-ji Temple 4:34 Amida-ji Temple 5:03 Goryo-Jinja Shrine 6:58 Myoken-ji Temple 9:44 Eishozan Honpo-ji Temple 10:12 Urasenke-Konnichi-an (Japanese Tea Ceremony Room) 10:52 Suika-Tenman-gu Shrine 12:44 Grave of Murasaki Shikibu 13:34 Myoren-ji Temple 16:01 Uho-in Temple 18:08 Honryu-ji Temple 19:54 Jobon-rendai-ji Temple 21:36 Senbon-Enma-do Temple 22:57 Daihoon-ji Senbon-shaka-do Temple 24:51 Kamishichiken 26:14 Kitano-Tenman-gu Shrine 29:25 Hirano-Jinja Shrine 35:22 Ryuhon-ji Temple 36:26 Nijo-jo Castle 41:25 Ichijo-Modoribashi Bridge 41:45 Seimei-Jinja Shrine Views:1492693202 High evaluation: 53 Low rating: 0 Post date:2017-04-20 13:00:02 VideoID:HtVtdiU6v8w 出典:YouTube

JAPAN TRAVEL VLOG | Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara, TeamLab

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The Return to Ohara, Kyoto, Japan | Sightseeing, Food, & Adventure

This video is about sightseeing in Ohara, Kyoto, Japan and visiting the Kirin Cafe.We eat lots of food and enjoy the beautiful countryside. Do n’t forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE! ———————————————————————————— ———————————————————————————— Also, Check out my: Instagram: TheShanaLeigh Twitter: TheShanaLeigh Snapchat: TheShanaLeigh Facebook: Facebook.com/Theshanaleigh ———————————————————————————— ———————————————————————————— Japanimals Merch !!!! ———————————————————————————— ———————————————————————————— CODES FOR FREE MONEY, essentially ... AirBNB Code: Uber Code: Lyft Code: ———————————————————————————— ———————————————————————————— Song credit: #Japan #Sightseeing #Travel Views:1540202644 High evaluation: 14 Low rating: 0 Post date:2018-10-22 10:04:04 VideoID:ihQvbom2reM 出典:YouTube

KYOTO, NARA + OSAKA | Japan Travel Vlog (Ep. 5)

3 day trip to Kyoto with a day to explore Nara and Osaka. • Follow us on Instagram • Read our blog at - We stayed in Kyoto for 3 days with a day to explore Osaka and see the bowing deer in Nara. Our first stop was going to Nishiki Market when we got to Kyoto.Our friends got to see and taste food from the street markets while making our way to Gion Street to see Yasaka Pagoda. The second day, we wanted to experience the bowing deer in Nara.Joe and I never made it last year while traveling ...

COMING HOME | Japan Travel Film | MY RODE REEL 2019

Home is where the first steps of every great adventure take place ... For my 8th trip to Japan, I wanted to do a special project, so I wrote a script related to my thoughts and spoke from the heart.I spent about 2 hours recording audio, finding the "right" music and blending it all together before even adding the first "visual" element to the audio project.With time spent filming, editing, and color grading, I wouldn't be surprised if I spent about 15 hours on this project, and for what it's worth, this is the ultimate project for me ... a ...

[Inaugural Ceremony] IT Training Center & Japanese language Center-TICSA-Puri, Odisha, India

Techno India-Chandra Sekhar Academy (TICSA) IT Training Center & Japanese language Center facebook page: TICSA CSA website: ----------------------------------------- IT courses equivalent to NIELIT Govt. Of India have been introduced in the holy city of Puri. The credit goes to the joint collaboration of TECHNO INDIA-CHANDRA SEKHAR ACADEMY. On the first phase courses are mainly split-up into three. 1- “CCC” / Office Automation 2- “O” Level / Graduate Diploma in Computer Application (GDCA) 3- “A” Level / Post Graduate Diploma in Software Engineering (PGDSE)   First category under Office Automation is a three-month ’s course open to all with or without ...

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