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Japanese Job Interview-4 key questions for a successful interview

With this animated video, we will introduce you to 4 key questions for a successful Japanese Job Interview! Make sure to practice and get prepared for your interview! For more information about our classes, check it out at: How to introduce yourself in Japanese: How to prepare for a Japanese Job Interview: Top 10 useful phrases for a Japanese Job Interview: Make sure to follow us on social media: ■ Website: ■ Facebook: ■ Instagram: ■ Twitter: Views:1575939582 High evaluation: 16 Low rating: 1 Post date:2019-12-10 00:59:42 VideoID:UqJg6eApFpI 出典:YouTube

# 003 What is Japanese onomatopoeia? / Get more ideas about Japan / Japanese culture, custom, food.

We Japanese use onomatopoeia extremely often in our daily conversations. Onomatopoeia is amazing and unique language tools to communicate with others which deeply connected to our culture, custom, weather, daily life and history.It's said that the number of Japanese onomatopoeia is 4 times more than English. Know how we use them with which kinds of situation? It must be very interesting, also this can be short cut to understand Japanese language deeper and faster.Anyway using onomatopoeia makes Japanese more cheerful, happy and lively. and how to use very easily and simply.Repeer with Kitty and you will be an expert to ...

I know. I don & # 39; t know. In Japanese.

[polite positive] I know. Shitteimasu. [polite negative] I don't know. Shirimasen. [casual positive] I know. Shitteimasu. [casual negative] I don't know. Shirimasen. As for "know", positive uses progressive form, but negative uses present form. Japanese Lessons for English Speakers MLC Japanese Language School, Tokyo 🔽Lots of Free Study Materials 🔽Learn Japanese on Facebook   JapaneseLearn Japanese on Instagram 🔽Learn Japanese on Twitter Views:1576034157 High evaluation: 7 Low rating: 0 Post date:2019-12-11 03:15:57 VideoID:khRqJhWECs4 出典:YouTube

Japanese language lesson

(Learn Japanese Lessons for Real Communication) Learn Japanese language online-today's Japanese language lesson is to learn 2 different ways to say your family members. An example given in this video is to "how to say my grandfather and your grandfather" in Japanese. This is a part of the Online Japanese language video lesson, which you can learn Japanese language on video and can also download it to your ipod. If you are intersted in this course, please visit our website by typing "Online Japanese Video Lesson" at any search engine, or simply click the following link. Views:1180852199 High evaluation: 149 ...

How to get to Coto Japanese Academy Iidabashi in Tokyo from Tokyo Metro Tozai Line

In this video, we will be showing you how to find Coto Japanese Academy Iidabashi if you are coming to Iidabashi station via the Tokyo Metro Tozai Line ). If you are looking for a Japanese language school in Tokyo that offers intensive, part-time, and private lessons please visit us at Music by Scott Holmes Make sure to follow us on social media: ■ Website: ■ Facebook: ■ Instagram: ■ Twitter: Views:1575954682 High evaluation: 2 Low rating: 0 Post date:2019-12-10 05:11:22 VideoID:uQz4UCpuh3c 出典:YouTube

How to use Japanese Buzzword of 2019 "Tapiru" [intermediate]

script & word list: learn Japanese with me! my italki account: music: #tapiru #buzzword #Japanese Views:1576055866 High evaluation: 44 Low rating: 0 Post date:2019-12-11 09:17:46 VideoID:8T17SsOaoCE 出典:YouTube

Unique Japanese Food

Learn Japanese foods that are classic Japanese favorites, but not your typical sushi, ramen, or delicacies. They are unique dishes that demonstrate Japanese creativity, combining simple ingredients, and most can be homemade. Have you tried any of these dishes? Fruit sandwich Hayashi rice Neapolitan Doria Curry udon Japanese style hamburger Ground Meat Cutlet Unaju Yakisoba bread Egg over rice Thanks for stopping by. Subscribe and join us! You can also learn more Japanese and read more about Japan on our website, Instagram, and Facebook. Website Instagram Facebook #learnjapanese #japanese #japanese #japanese Music: "Hustle" by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under CC ...

Learn Japanese language-how to say I understand

If you want to get more Japanese video lessons, please visit our website above.The complete pacakge of NIHONGO Japanaese lesson is for you! Views:1204537276 High evaluation: 301 Low rating: 10 Post date:2008-03-03 09:41:16 VideoID:xscAU45BAgc 出典:YouTube

[ Japanese Quiz ] 30 Japanese Foods-How Many Do You Know?

How many Japanese foods do you know? Take a flashcard quiz! For extra practice, write them down in hiragana or katakana. (* English subtitles avail.) Let's go! Here on the Nihongo Flashcards YouTube channel, we create bite-size illustrated videos introducing Japanese words, phrases, and culture. We hope the videos are helpful for learning and practicing Japanese. Subscribe, join us, and let us know your thoughts. More Nihongo Flashcards: Instagram Facebook Website #learnjapanese #japanese #japanese #japanese Views:1566612808 High evaluation: 15 Low rating: 0 Post date:2019-08-24 02:13:28 VideoID:TYfEnC-05Zo 出典:YouTube

How to say "Use Me As A Toilet" in Japanese

OH yeah, as everybody saw it, gamage is a typo Have you ever had a time saying "Use me as a toilet" in Japanese? Well, I'm not sure when exactly you'll ever say this phrase to any people but this is how you say it. Discord girl's channel: Apple guy's channel: If you want to download my album, try these links! (FOR FREE!) -SoundCloud- -DropBox- Views:1575769647 High evaluation: 2769 Low rating: 6 Post date:2019-12-08 01:47:27 VideoID:DUfOoTyy9T4 出典:YouTube

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