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Craziest Japanese Pranks Compilation! LOL-Part 4

Japanese culture can be strange to say the least, but even stranger is their impeccable ability to prank unsuspecting victims in some of the most ridiculous ways imaginable .... 1. Biker In this prank celebrities are sat in a room to watch a video apparently about an interesting bike race ... Some of their reactions are priceless. 2. Scream Olympics In this prank celebrities are escorted into a waiting room by a PR and encouraged to read a magazine while they wait ... 5 versions of the PR appear from nowhere as a counter clocks how long her scream was ...

Sapporo Snow Festival Street Guide-after a storm

Walking around the Sapporo Snow Festival with information about visiting the event.What's it like, how should you dress and prepare and where are the best spots? How long does it take to see the whole thing? WHERE is the Sapporo Snow Festival located? It's here! MAP: Sapporo Snow Festival Odori # snowfes2020 #sapporo #onlyinjapan Views:1580954742 High evaluation: 1678 Low rating: 32 Post date:2020-02-06 02:05:42 VideoID:AhaaWU2Id4c 出典:YouTube

Must try fast food restaurant in Japan | Japan Travel Guide 2020

Jalen and Melanie have a fun time bantering about the best fast food restaurant in Japan giving you ideas on Japanese fast food only in Japan as part of your Japan travel guide 2020. Japan has a very wide selection of (very) fast (and cheap) food options that can satiate any stomach and provide joy to any tastebud. SUBSCRIBE ▶ ︎ TIMESTAMPS 0:15 Start 1:35 Curry rice (CoCo ICHIBANYA) 4:41 Kaiten sushi 5:35 Hamazushi 7:20 The shop that cannot be named 9:55 Pepper-san ABOUT THE SHOW KON'CHA! TALK is our YouTube podcast where we invite our reporters to come into ...

VISITING JAPAN? Midnight Q & A travel advice from Tokyo

1) When is the best time to visit Japan? 2) Tattoos and Japanese baths | Dogo Onsen 3) Cheap flights vs Trains (night buses) Loads more! I do 2 Q & A like this every month on Patreon for supporters there. I ’ve been in Japan for 20 years, visited all 47 prefectures (twice) and happy to give advice during the Q & A 🙂 Views:1537203492 High evaluation: 686 Low rating: 28 Post date:2018-09-17 16:58:12 VideoID:oJHREWrtp5E 出典:YouTube

Japanese Street Food | Tokyo Japan

For the best street food in Tokyo, look no further than Asakusa. Subscribe! Support us on Patreon Check out our Merch! Our favorite Japanese snacks and ingredients are here! Check out our channels! TabiEats RECIPES TabiEats FOOD REVIEWS TabiEats LIVE Follow us on social media: Instagram: Facebook: +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Intro Music by Matthijs den Daas Contact@TiceTunes.com twitter @TiceTunes Music courtesy of Audio Network Views:1580504400 High evaluation: 531 Low rating: 0 Post date:2020-01-31 21:00:00 VideoID:2ut8gKPvs6k 出典:YouTube

Japan ’s Cherry Blossom Season Travel Tips | Secret Tokyo to Osaka / Kyoto Areas

We are 3 months away from the Cherry Blossom / Sakura season in Japan and the annual question and answer messages are filling my inbox. (1) Where are the best spots (2) When is the best time to visit Japan for Cherry Blossoms (3) Why is this the best and worst time to visit Japan (4) Secret tips to navigate Sakura season! Where do the Japanese go? Here are the TOP 100 locations-in Japanese 🙂 ▶ ︎ You can also search by area.You can try Google translate but decoding it is part of the fun, no? I'll do what I ...


Trying EXPENSIVE FRUIT From Japan! I recently went to Tokyo, Japan and tried many expensive fruits and filmed a bunch of videos! Leave a Like if you enjoyed and want to see more from my trip! join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications DigitalNex: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Official Merch: Views:1572643636 High evaluation: 38423 Low rating: 1251 Post date:2019-11-01 21:27:16 VideoID:-M-Dzn9r4W0 出典:YouTube

Coronavirus & Japan Travel — Is it safe?

On January 25, 2020 Japan Airlines issued its first public notice about the Coronavirus. They ’re taking it very seriously. URL: Yesterday, the 3rd infected tourist from Wuhan Province visiting Japan was diagnosed. Japan's airports are on high alert and health screenings of departing passengers are active.Chinese tourists on package tours have been suspended from Jan 24th. Viewers of ONLY in JAPAN have a lot of questions and I'll report on what we know right now from the world's busiest train station — Shinjuku. Should you visit Japan? The WHO did not issue any travel warnings to Japan so the ...

Why Many Japanese Bathe in the Evening

Japan has a culture that's always fascinated the rest of the world.We've all heard about this country's unique mix of tradition and futurism.But you'll be surprised to find out that sumo is NOT the most popular sport there, and it takes mad skill to prepare a “river pig”. Oh yeah, and bathing is done a little differently than you might be used to.In Japanese culture, the main cleaning routine is done at night, in several steps.Follow closely please to learn everything about this evening ritual and some other traditions and just curious facts about the Land of the Rising Sun. ...

Why Japanese Engrish still exists? | McDonald's Japan New “Adult Pies” Expained

So why? After decades of the internet shaming Japan's Engrish-a term used to describe the Japan's unusual usage of English in public, why do Japanese companies, BIG COMPANIES, still make ridiculous mistakes like McDonalds this week.Was it a mistake — or genius? We'll discuss this with guys who have lived in Japan for over 20 years since the internet started in Japan.PETER's (PvG) channel: #onlyinjapan #engrish Views:1579152283 High evaluation: 1535 Low rating: 57 Post date:2020-01-16 05:24:43 VideoID:3zDPx6SegS4 出典:YouTube

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