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Japanese language lesson

(Learn Japanese Lessons for Real Communication) Learn Japanese language online-today's Japanese language lesson is to learn 2 different ways to say your family members. An example given in this video is to "how to say my grandfather and your grandfather" in Japanese. This is a part of the Online Japanese language video lesson, which you can learn Japanese language on video and can also download it to your ipod. If you are intersted in this course, please visit our website by typing "Online Japanese Video Lesson" at any search engine, or simply click the following link. Views:1180852199 High evaluation: 149 ...

Do My Japanese Fashion School Homework With Me (Making A Sleeve & Panicking A Lot)

hey man u ok? My Instagram: PayPal if u feeling extra nice 2day: EQUIPMENT: Camera- Mic- Music: "Rainbows" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License Views:1575557107 High evaluation: 3334 Low rating: 21 Post date:2019-12-05 14:45:07 VideoID:bWn-95IW59M 出典:YouTube

Learn Japanese-[LIVE] How to use WANT in Japanese | Japanese language lesson

Learn Japanese? Get FREE account ▶ Facebook: Instagram: The Comprehensive Japanese course is aimed for Beginner to Pre-Advanced level students.In this course, students will be able to comprehensively study grammar and vocabulary and they will be able to practice what they have learned. The textbook that the Japanese Specialist teacher, Marina-sensei, put together will also be used in conjunction with this course.The use of both the textbook and this course will provide a new and leading standard to learning. #bondlingo #japanese #nihongo #hiragana # ญี่ปุ่น # 日本語 # 일본어 #katakana #LearnJapanese #Japon #giapponese #Japaneselesson # японский #Japones #lesson #Japonais #Japao ...

Japanese Language-| Japanese Vocabulary English Meanings |

Japanese Language: Japanese Vocabulary- This Video is full of random Japanese words and meanings.You will find many Japanese, or Nihongo if you prefer, words and phrases translated from Japanese to English (or English to Japanese) .This includes common Japanese words, as well as some of the lesser known, but still completely random words spoken by the Japanese people. (In case you were wondering, the Japanese word for the Japanese language is Nihongo). English Meanings; 20 Words mentioned here, Pronunciation of words and their meaning in English, Usage of the words. (0: 02-7:25) Click on the Link for related video: Video ...

Language Tree Japanese for Kids-Best Way To Learn Japanese Language For Children

for more information please visit us at www.aramedia.com Views:1350764968 High evaluation: 34 Low rating: 3 Post date:2012-10-20 20:29:28 VideoID:oPg9lvXk1jI 出典:YouTube

"THE LAST SCENES" Fukui Prefectural Katsuyama High School, Japanese Culture Department-SCHOOL OF LOCK!

SCHOOL OF LOCK! × adidas TEENAGER is all in “THE LAST SCENES For that moment, we did everything. ] June 2011. Radio of the future, School of Rock !, responded to a partner brand. The partner is "adidas". They said. “I want to support the passion of high school students with School of Rock!”. And we respond. “I want to engrave memories of high school students’ passion. ” Thus, a collaboration with the partner “adidas” that holds the key to the future has started a big project that marks the memory of passion! The name is “THE LAST SCENES” !! ...

Kyoritsu Japanese Language School Promotional Video Kyoritsu Japanese Language School PV

Video by: Rika Kataoka (Rika Kataoka) Music and sound design by: Elmer Ho Lok Zhan (elmerdraco) Prepared music for Kyoritsu Japanese Language School. If you enjoyed this video don't forget to hit like and subscribe! Follow me on: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: Copyright @ Kyoritsu and music @ Elmer Ho Lok Zhan Views:1489121300 High evaluation: 11 Low rating: 0 Post date:2017-03-10 04:48:20 VideoID:bCBORL4m1rA 出典:YouTube

Japanese Language Lesson 19-Te-form: Te Kudasai

Please view previous lessons for additional vocabulary and grammar. This lesson covers sentence pattern "te-kudasai." It is a way to say the magic word "please" in Japanese using te-form.Please stay tuned for future lessons on the many usages of te-form! Notes: Please Listen: Kikimasu-kiitekudasai to listen (regular I verb) Please listen to this CD. / Kono CD o kiitekudasai. Please listen to this CD. Please Read: Yomimasu-yomimasu-yondekudasai to read (regular I verb) Please read this book / Kono Nihon no hon o yondekudasai. Please read this Japanese book. Please Watch: Mimas-mimitasu-mitekudasai to see (regular II verb) Please look at this ...

This is Japanese Culture ... starring lots and lots of boys

So like I promised ~~ this is a continuation of Gym with Jap Boys Watch here: You guys voted between my 3 lovely guy friends and Toshiki got the most votes !! I went to look for toshiki to surprise him with the present but I was the one who was surprised ... with brooms, butt whacking and lots and lots of boys ... Hope you guys had fun watching: D andddd subscribe !! (Sorry for the little english grammar mistakes with the subtitles ..) Views:1298124276 High evaluation: 3376 Low rating: 125 Post date:2011-02-19 14:04:36 VideoID:pqBHfA4ov9A 出典:YouTube

Waku Waku Japanese-Language Lesson 12: Feelings

Waku Waku Japanese-Lesson 12: Feelings -------------------------------------------------- ------------------ In this lesson of Waku Waku Japanese, Konomi teaches you how to express some of your feelings! Ureshii-happy Glad Kanashii-sad Pretty Hidoi-how awful Terrible Bikkurishita-surprised I was surprised So try out these words next time you're feeling happy, sad or even surprised! Please stay tuned and subscribe for future episodes! Jikai mo tanoshimi ni, mata ne! Feel free to visit Japan Society's other online outlets Blog: Twitter: Facebook: Tumblr: Views:1321894688 High evaluation: 1250 Low rating: 16 Post date:2011-11-21 16:58:08 VideoID:T2SvdeRs0L8 出典:YouTube

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