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This video is going to be the compilation of our day one and two trip in Japan.Day one is our arrival (September 21, 2019 ), from Narita airport we traveled all the way to Chiba via train.We ended up to Funabashi station and rode a bus / taxi headed to my friend's apartment.Day two is our first full day (September 22, 2019) .We went to the largest fish market in the world, Tsukiji.After filling up our stomach with some delicious and fresh seafoods we headed ourselves to the ever famous dog, Hachiko, the busiest street, Shibuya crossing, and again no ...

Japanese Street Food - COCONUT CRAB Crab Curry Seafood Okinawa Japan

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When Japanese food is too fresh ..

I love seafood, but one dish in Japan, I didn't have the heart to eat. They were decapitated soon after so I would stop talking about how alive they were. I don't check this account much, but I really don't like people cursing and calling others names and racists remarks so I've changed the settings on the comments now, sorry to do that, I just put this up so my family could see what kind of experiences I was having in Japan when I lived there.Didn't mean to cause such hoopla. Views:1288665812 High evaluation: 496 Low rating: 795 Post date:2010-11-02 ...

Giant octopus Tempura and Sashimi - Japanese Street Food

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FLABBY SEA MONSTER! Geoduck Sashimi-Japanese Street Food in Okinawa

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Japanese Food-Introducing Japanese food culture with photos Japanese Dishes

This video shows photos of Japanese food I had in Japan. Please see photos of various Japanese foods. Below are listed some of the most common dishes:     grilled and pan-fried dishes (yakimono),     stewed / simmered / cooked / boiled dishes (nimono boiled dishes),     stir-fried dishes (stir-fried dishes),     steamed dishes (mushimono),     deep-fried dishes (agemono)     sliced ​​raw fish (sashimi sashimi),     soups (suimono soup and shirumono soup),     pickled / salted vegetables (tsukemono pickles),     dishes dressed with various kinds of sauce (aemono sauce),     vinegared dishes (su-no-mono vinegar). Dieses Video zeigt Fotos von japanischem Essen, das ich in Japan hatte. Bitte sehen Sie Fotos von ...

ALIEN CRAB Japanese Street Food

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Japanese Street Food - SWEET AND SOUR PARROTFISH Seafood Japan

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