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Top 10 Japan Travel Destinations for Your 2019 Bucket List

Read more about GaijinPot's top 2019 Japan destinations featured in this video ▶ ︎ Each year, GaijinPot Travel extensively researches travel trends across the globe and predicts the best places to travel around Japan.The destinations for 2019 include an eye-catching list of spots, from little-known regions to cities all over the country, that illuminate the real Japan experience. Any questions about our Top 10? We ’ll answer them! Just leave us a comment. PLAN YOUR TRIP WITH US ▶ ︎ SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS ABOUT JAPAN ▶ ︎ MORE FROM GAIJINPOT: Work in Japan ▶ ︎ Study in Japan ▶ ...

10 Things You SHOULD KNOW Before You Travel to Japan! JAPAN TRAVEL GUIDE

Hi everyone, today I want to talk about 10 things that I think everyone should know about before they travel to Japan. Some of these may not be new to you, but I hope this video can give some useful advice to people interested in visiting my home country. If you have any questions about Japan or would like to share your experiences of traveling to Japan, please leave a comment below and I'll try and get back to you as soon as possible! For more videos on Japan, make sure to check out these amazing videos by other YouTubers: ...

Top 10 Things to Do in Osaka & Travel Tips | JAPAN TRAVEL GUIDE

↓↓↓ PLEASE OPEN ME FOR ALL THE IMPORTANT INFO! ↓↓↓ Stay tuned till the end to learn all my travel tips for Osaka! In this video, I'll share with you my 2-day itinerary for Osaka, and my top 10 recommendations about what to do in this amazing city! Happy Canada Day and 4th of July! To celebrate, I'm uploading 2 videos this week, so Don Quijote part 2 of beauty top picks will be up in a couple of days. If you haven't seen part 1 of Don Quijote, you can check it out here: Airbnb I stayed at in ...

Top 10 best sightseeing spots in Okinawa

Subscribe here → Okinawa is probably a beautiful sea with coral reefs. Marine sports, Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium and many othersThere are sightseeing spots. We introduce the best 10 of Okinawa's classic tourist destinations. What to See in Tokyo Kamakura of September Stroll while walking the Waikiki Beach Views:1485613152 High evaluation: 40 Low rating: 13 Post date:2017-01-28 14:19:12 VideoID:Xzf6pQOoJ6Y 出典:YouTube

Top 10 Autumn Color Spots in Japan | japan-guide.com

The top 10 autumn color locations across Japan, in our opinion. More about the autumn colors: Learn more about each location: 10. Urabandai: 9. Onuma Park: 8. Nikko: 7. Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route: 6. Fuji Five Lakes: 5. Tokyo: 4. Hachimantai: 3. Lake Towada: 2. Daisetsuzan: 1. Kyoto: -Video Credits- Videographer & Narrator: Andrew Marston Editor: Charles Sabas Producer: Stefan Schauwecker Intro Music: Sam Evans Views:1529380319 High evaluation: 2506 Low rating: 35 Post date:2018-06-19 03:51:59 VideoID:GymDc0mavfE 出典:YouTube

5 Biggest Japanese Culture Shocks TOP5

Everything is here: Views:1494520195 High evaluation: Low rating: Post date:2017-05-11 16:29:55 VideoID:yDm-jYtIcEo 出典:YouTube

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