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Dee Cee fam goes to Japan! || Japan Travel Diary

A video for my Family ♡ Views:1546850432 High evaluation: 67 Low rating: 0 Post date:2019-01-07 08:40:32 VideoID:93wccOK44Io 出典:YouTube

Nikko Japan Travel Guide

A travel guide for visiting the temples and shrines of Nikko in Japan. Check out the "Cool Japan" playlist for more Japan videos: Visit my channel for additional fun travel guides: Subscribe to receive my latest travel guides in your feed: Views:1316741433 High evaluation: 177 Low rating: 3 Post date:2011-09-23 01:30:33 VideoID:Cdp8-VvLAW8 出典:YouTube

How To Travel To Japan for Cheap !! + JAPANESE GIVEAWAY

Happy Hump Day Everyone! Be sure to LIKE the video, and SUBSCRIBE to my channel for more videos and free giveaways! COMMENT down below with video suggestions or questions !! Today, we learn how to get TO Japan, now that you've learn the language, and some of the cool culture from my other videos.There's a million ways over, but here are some of my tips to not break the bank, and to not put it off forever and ever. 1. Kayak.com: set a price alert for off season traveling (February-April, September-November). Once it hits the number you can afford to ...

Learning Japanese Culture 101: Going to a Public Bath | JAPAN Forward

A special message from Kansai Tourism Bureau on 'Going to a Public Bath' for travelers! === About JAPAN Forward: JAPAN Forward is a new English-language news and opinion website run by the JAPAN Forward association Inc. JAPAN Forward aims to present the true face of Japan, as seen from a wide variety of perspectives, to a rapidly-changing world where unpredictability often outpaces stability.Japan has long lagged behind other countries—all of which have their own points of view— in carrying her own take on the world around. JAPAN Forward sets out to overcome misunderstandings born of linguistic barriers.In covering major news ...


Here's a very speical Vlog from my trip to Japan with my guy! Was the most perfect trip and one to never ever forget! Music used from soundcloud. Camera: Sony Ox 5000 Views:1535061937 High evaluation: 122 Low rating: 3 Post date:2018-08-23 22:05:37 VideoID:bu4nw2mOK6M 出典:YouTube

Japan Travel Diary (Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto)

Went to Japan a week ago for my spring break trip! This time the adventure continues to other cities like Osaka and Kyoto! Comment down below what video I should do next! Views:1460192322 High evaluation: 158 Low rating: 4 Post date:2016-04-09 08:58:42 VideoID:D0bptvf4BR4 出典:YouTube

How to travel in Japan-Hints and tips

Traveling in Japan can be a little intimidating, but it's such an incredible place to visit and explore.Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you navigate your trip to Japan, and hopefully help you have a fantastic travel experience! Check out the website: *** Coming soon *** Say hi on social media: Twitter- Instagram- Pinterest- Contact me: melorangetravel@gmail.com Views:1560774629 High evaluation: 4 Low rating: 0 Post date:2019-06-17 12:30:29 VideoID:5OIR-XCA3KU 出典:YouTube

Sensoji Temple, Tokyo | Japan Travel Guide

For more information, access, and reviews about Sensoji Temple: Sensoji Temple is Tokyo's oldest temple and surrounding the main temple is a 5-story pagoda as well as various shops along Nakamise-dori leading up to the temple.The famous Sanja Festival, which snakes its way through the temple grounds, and the Hozuki Festival occur along with other events on a yearly basis at Sensoji Temple. ------------------------------ What is Planetyze? ------------------------------ We are a free online guidebook that features high quality content, great videos featuring sights from all over Japan, and new information updated daily. Join today and ask questions about your trip ...

KEI CAR-Japan Travel VLOG part 4

LCGC juga ada di Jepang, niatnya sama tapi peraturannya beda. Pada kesempatan ini kami membahas KEICAR. Itu saja lah descriptionnya. BGM: -Jazzaddict ’s-Cosimo Fogg -Fun in a bottle-Kevin MacLeod -Stay-Otis McDonald -Tiny Tempo-Safakash -Chocolate Box-David Cutter Ingin mengasah kemampuan translate ke bahasa inggris click link ini Please follow MotomobiTV Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: * for contact and inquiries please email us at motomobindo (at) gmail dot com or check out channel page Views:1485738000 High evaluation: 11320 Low rating: 144 Post date:2017-01-30 01:00:00 VideoID:WnDCCD4k03w 出典:YouTube

Typhoon Japan Cultural University ?聊聊 Because of seven lessons, regular lifestyle habits, and cultural recognition recognition 也 太 不 不 一樣 了 吧 | KKday

什麼! ? Is it now on the streets?傳 灣 喝 餐 Sanju Metropolitan 喝 Jinju Tea?兩邊 Differences in lifestyle habits, unfavorable 聊Employment KKday short story for the landlord answer, the compulsory non-satisfaction question, the mud? Typhoon Japanese life style ? ✈️ Unexpected end of winter weather! Taipei fountain nursery: ✈️ Every day in the winter, certain celestial hot springs! Yilan Hot Spring Nurse: ✈️ Chubu-like Yuya Yuuya! Taichung Hot Spring Nurse: ✈️ Koiyama Yoshimizuya is a hot spring! Taitung Hot Spring Nurse: ✈️ 找 Unreasonable 嗎? Owned 灣 溫泉 懶人 包 : KKday 站: KKday subordinate: KKday Facebook: KKday APP ...

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