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Beautiful Japan Dotonbori Osaka Travel Sightseeing a7Ⅲ Carl Zeiss Movie Video

Beautiful Japan Dotonbori Osaka Travel Sightseeing a7Ⅲ Carl Zeiss Movie Video Osaka Dotonbori E-mail lou3994@icloud.com Views:1558518040 High evaluation: 3 Low rating: 0 Post date:2019-05-22 09:40:40 VideoID:uaxTEzHkZv8 出典:YouTube

Ecom Japanese Culture-Monthly Videocast-February (Setsubun)

Ecom Japanese Language Monthly Videocast-February This month, we discuss the Japanese tradition of Setsubun! We also introduce Japanese 'washlet' toilets in the interesting Japanese things section. E-com Japanese Nihongo, monthly videocast Feb issue The Japanese event "Setsubun" is taken up. Views:1264412161 High evaluation: 1 Low rating: 1 Post date:2010-01-25 09:36:01 VideoID:5LsAmlkQNjo 出典:YouTube

Top 10 Language Learning Strategies in Japanese

Finally Get Fluent in Japanese with PERSONALIZED Lessons. Get Your Free Lifetime Account: ↓ Check how below ↓ Step 1: Go to Step 2: Sign up for a Free Lifetime Account-No money, No credit card required Step 3: Start learning Japanese the fast, fun and easy way! Save 20% on FULL Access to JapanesePod101 with your YOUTUBE coupon for All subscriptions In this lesson, you'll learn Top 10 Language Learning Strategies. ■ Facebook: ■ Google Plus: ■ Twitter: ■ Pinterest: ■ Tumblr: Click here to find out more about this lesson: Also, please LIKE, SHARE and COMMENT on our videos! ...

Japan & # 39; s new sightseeing train designed like a wooden Kyoto house

For story suggestions or custom animation requests, contact tips@nextanimation.com.tw. Visit to view News Direct's complete archive of 3D news animations. RESTRICTIONS: Broadcast: NO USE JAPAN, NO USE TAIWAN Digital: NO USE JAPAN, NO USE TAIWAN Japan's Hankyu Railway has announced plans to operate the second-generation of the "Kyo-train" from March of next year. The train's interior is themed "Japanese Modern," Kyomachiya, "which refers to the wooden townhouses traditionally found in Kyoto in the 1950's. The carriages will include circular windows and a mini Japanese garden.Each of the six carriages will depict Kyoto's changes across the seasons with one depicting autumn ...

Japanese Culture Vids: Short Bus Ride In Noboribetsu Noboribetsu Hokkaido

Just thought I would take some footage from inside the bus here in noboribetsu in hokkaido.It was around -3 degrees C this day Views:1329477548 High evaluation: 153 Low rating: 0 Post date:2012-02-17 11:19:08 VideoID:a62RoRaNMvM 出典:YouTube

HONDA NSR250R Taiwan Rider Appears in Japan Sightseeing with lovely daughter and beautiful wife

HONDA NSR250R Taiwan Rider Appears in Japan Sightseeing with lovely daughter and beautiful wife Views:1572846765 High evaluation: 5 Low rating: 0 Post date:2019-11-04 05:52:45 VideoID:CTj8LYVuuOM 出典:YouTube

Japan Travel TV

All New Japan Travel TV Official Launch Date Nov 12                  2009 Views:1254991447 High evaluation: 31 Low rating: 0 Post date:2009-10-08 08:44:07 VideoID:XQjbM3QAxc4 出典:YouTube

Introduction Japanese Culture: Ema (Wooden Wish Plaques)

Introduction Japanese Culture-Ema (Wishing Plaques) Ema (Ema) are wooden wishing plaques.On one site of the wood there is an art work.On the other side you can write a wish. The word Ema consists of two kanji (Chinese Characters). The first kanji is picture (Picture). And the second kanji is horse (Horse). First it was a Shinto custom (Nara Period) .The Ema consisted of pictures of horses. Later when Buddhism arrived in Japan they also were found in temples. At the Muromachi period other pictures were added at the Ema ’s like foxes at Inari Shrines. And the more Ema ’s ...

Sending Japanese culture to the world Directing performance by Amon Miyamoto

[Nikkei electronic video page] The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology held a performance on the 20th to disseminate Japanese culture to the world. Director, Amon Miyamoto, directed by Kabuki actor eleventh generation Eizo Ichikawa and photographer Mika Ninagawa. It was held as part of the international conference “Sports, Culture, and World Forum” to disseminate Japanese culture for the Tokyo Olympics. Views:1476966857 High evaluation: Low rating: Post date:2016-10-20 12:34:17 VideoID:tCQmRP1eQ8E 出典:YouTube

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