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Tokyo (Japan) Travel-Public Transportation

Tokyo's local transportation is complex and efficient. Let Kaz show you the way. Views:1303897413 High evaluation: 49 Low rating: 2 Post date:2011-04-27 09:43:33 VideoID:3QdopTqtk54 出典:YouTube

World & # 39; s Largest Fish Market (Tsukiji)-Tokyo, Japan Travel

It's serious business at the world's largest wholesale fish market. Address 5-2-1, Tsukiji, Chuo-Ku Timings / Hours The auction starts at 5 am (Mon-Sat) .Closed on Sunday and public holidays. Getting There / Directions Subway-Hibiya line to Tsukiji station Or Odeo line to Tsukiji Shijou station. Views:1273713593 High evaluation: 1138 Low rating: 433 Post date:2010-05-13 01:19:53 VideoID:NigwCCRrm68 出典:YouTube

10 Things You SHOULD KNOW Before You Travel to Japan! JAPAN TRAVEL GUIDE

Hi everyone, today I want to talk about 10 things that I think everyone should know about before they travel to Japan. Some of these may not be new to you, but I hope this video can give some useful advice to people interested in visiting my home country. If you have any questions about Japan or would like to share your experiences of traveling to Japan, please leave a comment below and I'll try and get back to you as soon as possible! For more videos on Japan, make sure to check out these amazing videos by other YouTubers: ...

6 Must Try Japanese Dishes | Miyagi

► Huge thanks to Tohoku 365: FULL list of featured restaurants and dishes below! ► Fresh Oysters | Yamarai Bistro: ► Chashumen (Ramen): ► Omelette Rice: ► Zao Cheese: ► Ishinomaki Yakisoba: ► NIKO NIKO Rental Car Agency: Views:1478689258 High evaluation: 17653 Low rating: 268 Post date:2016-11-09 11:00:58 VideoID:CFF8LMH1XhE 出典:YouTube

Japan budget travel guide | Budget Traveler explores

Kash (Budget Traveler) takes us on a whirlwind tour of Japan. Got any tips on how to make the most of this wonderful country? Leave them in the comments! Find out more about Kash and his adventures: Views:1445959256 High evaluation: 13 Low rating: 8 Post date:2015-10-27 15:20:56 VideoID:JaG5TG0ppcg 出典:YouTube

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